2020 Vision

In my last post I focused on looking back at what I have achieved in 2019, both in terms of building my UX Design skills and in my personal development. Looking at this new year, and the new decade, I anticipate many more achievements and changes. 

I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions. Much like Valentine’s Day, it feels like saving up the good stuff for once a year as an excuse to forget about it the rest of the time. I prefer to check in on myself and my goals much more regularly. So what are my goals right now as we power through the first winter of the decade? 

  1. Build up my UI design skills by doing at least one design challenge a week
  2. Collaborate with a dev team to see my designs go live
  3. Advocate for the user consistently with my stakeholders
  4. Try out at least 2 new design/ prototyping tools
  5. Attend at least 2 UX meet-ups a month to broaden my design horizons

These feel like 5 achievable goals that I can check back against in the spring and update with my next direction. Now I’ve written them down this should keep me honest in following them through!

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