Open Door – Unlearning inequality in the classroom

The Brief

Create an MVP responsive web app to facilitate an 8 month online teacher training program for Class 13, a registered charity supporting professionals to unlearn inequality.

The Biggest Challenge

I was brought onboard late in the development process by the developers to provide some much needed UI and accessibility guidance. Given how close we were to the deadline I needed to work very quickly to triage the changes required to reach MVP.

The Final Product

A tool for managing and setting assignments to be used by the program organisers, and an assignment interface for teachers to read and reflect on the topics assigned.

The Key Lessons

It’s not really a surprise, but still an important lesson – having input from a designer at the beginning of a project is really important. This was a pro bono project for the developers who brought me on, so they had assumed they would manage on their own, but starting a project with no design system, branding or assets laid out put them under a lot of pressure. There was also a miscommunication with the client of how important some functions would be, resulting in those features being deprioritised.